The Risks of Sleeping with Clip-In Hair Extensions and Better Alternatives

These are among the hair extensions that can be clipped on natural hair and they are among the best since they can be installed within a very short time. Nonetheless, as they are easy to put on and take off they should not be worn to bed as they are clip-in extensions. This article is about the risks of sleeping with clip in human hair extension and provides other alternatives for those who wish to have a permanent solution.

Harm to Extensions and Natural Hair

Wearing clip-in extensions to bed is also very damaging to both the extensions and the natural hair. Rubbing the extensions against the pillow can also damage the wefts and clips and therefore shorten their durability. Furthermore, the constant movement and pressure can cause your natural hair to weaken, thus break, thin, and even fall off. This is particularly so because the clips pull on the hair strands and thus break them, especially for those with fine or fragile hair.

Scalp Health Issues

Overnight use of clip-in extensions is damaging to the scalp. The clips can form some sort of pressure on the scalp and hence cause tenderness and irritation. Sometimes this pressure can lead to headaches and also scalp infections if not well controlled. Also, when one wears the extensions for long, it hinders the scalp from getting fresh air; this may cause the scalp to produce more sebum and dandruff.

Better Alternatives: Semi-Permanent Extensions

For those who prefer a more convenient and safer method of getting hair extensions, then one can opt for semi-permanent hair extensions like the tape-in or K-tip. These methods are safer and longer lasting than clip-in extensions; thereby, they can be worn daily, including while sleeping.

  • Tape-In Extensions: Tape-in extensions are those that use strips of tape that are stuck on your natural hair. They sit directly on the scalp thus they are suitable for wear at night. They are built to withstand day-to-day use and can last for weeks before requiring some degree of cleaning. Tape-ins are more realistic and comfortable, and there is a small chance of tangling.
  • K-Tip (Keratin Tip) Extensions: K-tip extensions are attached to your hair using small keratin bonds that are fused to the natural hair using heat. This method gives a very secure attachment whereby one can perform all activities without the possibility of the attachment coming off. K-tips are long-lasting and can last for several months if well taken care of and the best thing with K-tips is that they give a natural look.


Although clip-in hair extensions are comfortable, easy to use, and versatile for temporary use, they cannot be worn for the night. The pain, possible harm, and conditions of the scalp that come with sleeping with clip-in extensions make them a less suitable option when compared to micro rings. Tape-ins or K-tips are more secure and comfortable than clip-ins; however, they give the same length and volume as the client needs. Therefore, it can be seen that with a selection of the correct type of extensions and proper care, people can look good and have good hair health without having to suffer from discomfort.



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