Revolutionize Your Skating Experience with ZSFloor Tech

Roller skating enthusiasts seek optimal surfaces for their skating arenas, and ZSFloor Tech stands as a beacon of innovative flooring solutions. Their customized outdoor & indoor skating rink surface redefines roller skating, delivering unparalleled experiences and safety for skaters of all levels.

Crafted meticulously, ZSFloor Tech specializes in tailor-made roller skating floors for commercial and public rink construction. Their plastic floors, interconnected with snaps, offer effortless installation and removal. Trusted by professional roller rink builders for their vibrant colors and extended service life, these floors elevate the skating experience to new heights.

Cutting-Edge Surface Engineering

ZSFloor Tech’s roller skating floors evolve through years of refinement, crafted from high molecular weight PP material. These structural components grant each tile exceptional load-bearing capacity, enduring intense skating actions without damage. Built to endure, these floors have undergone 8 years of development since the prototype in 2014, ensuring robustness and structural strength without compromising performance.

Diverse in application, outdoor skate floors exemplify a perfect balance between structural strength and performance. Born from years of innovation, these surfaces do away with drainage holes while maintaining structural integrity, ideal for indoor sports courts. Their non-porous design promises a seamless glide, effortless cleaning, and remarkable noise cancellation indoors, ensuring a tranquil skating experience that customers highly acclaim.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers worldwide hail ZSFloor Tech’s skating floors for their remarkable attributes. Effortless installation swiftly transforms garages into vibrant roller skating havens. Families revel in the flawless interlocking system and snug tile fit, creating a perfect setting for home-based roller skating fun.

Notably, these floors earn praise for their exceptional grip and safety features, considered invaluable investments for enhancing roller rink businesses. Amidst accolades, patrons laud their durability and scratch resistance, ensuring sustained high-speed skating without compromising the tiles’ pristine appearance. These underscore the enduring value of ZSFloor Tech’s skating floors for recreational and commercial ventures alike.

Quality Material & Benefits

At ZSFloor Tech, sustainability meets performance in the composition of their flooring materials. Crafted from 100% environmentally friendly polypropylene, these floors prioritize recyclability and offer an array of benefits designed for longevity and eco-conscious usage.

  • Enhanced Strength: Additives incorporated into the floors guarantee superior strength, UV resistance, and an extended service life, delivering long-term durability.
  • Superior Surface: The skating area boasts a flat and smooth surface, ensuring resilience and rapid outdoor drying within a mere two hours, ideal for efficient maintenance.
  • Eco-friendly Design: Prioritizing sustainability, the floors align with eco-friendly principles while providing exceptional performance and ease of installation.

Seamless Installation for Enhanced Enjoyment

The installation process for ZSFloor Tech’s roller skating floors remains simple, tailored for both indoor and outdoor commercial roller skating rink projects. With minimal construction prerequisites and a meticulous numbering system, their floors arrive pre-numbered for swift assembly, guaranteeing hassle-free enjoyment of your skating haven.


Experience the pinnacle of roller rink surfaces by choosing ZSFloor Tech. Elevate your skating arenas with floors designed to epitomize durability, unparalleled performance, and exquisite craftsmanship. These surfaces promise not just skating experiences but exhilarating escapades every time you step onto them. Elevate your skating endeavors to new heights with floors that redefine quality and ensure lasting enjoyment.



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