Refillable Pods vs Disposable Pod Kits: The Better Choice

These two vaping devices are both under the vape pen category. Aside from that similarity, both devices bring different pros and cons to the table. This article will provide a sufficient and reliable in-depth analysis comparing these two vape devices. Ultimately, the question will be answered on the better choice between a refillable pod system and a disposable pod kit.

Expert Insight in terms of Cost-Efficiency

The common belief is that disposable pod kits are a more expensive choice than refillable pods. Here’s an expert analysis that proves the other way around. First, how do both devices work? Disposable Pods have prefilled pods or cartridges that hold the e-liquid. Once empty, the cartridges can be pulled off to plug in a new one with the same or different flavor. The refillable pod systems, on the other hand, as the name implies, are refillable. Feel free to pour in any e-liquid preferred on the empty cartridge and start vaping again. Knowing only this basic information may conclude that pod systems are indeed a cheaper option. But with a much more profound analysis, the truth will eventually appear. Pod systems may be refillable, but the coil needs replacement to avoid burnt-tasting puffs. These OCC coils containing the pre-built coiling system and cotton inside can only last a single fill of its cartridge. Some heavy users can burn up a single OCC coil of a pod system with only a half fill of the cartridge. With most vapers accustomed to DTL or long dragging when vaping, it is no surprise that a tiny OCC will be burnt totally in no time. Not using salt nic-based e-liquid on a pod system can also help burn the OCC faster and cause unwanted leakage on the OCC’s tiny gaps. These unwanted leaks will surely go down to the device’s power contact, completely ruining the pod system and resulting in the device not working again. A scenario in which the user has no choice but to repurchase a brand-new pod system.

Another thing that made the pod system expensive is the OCC is almost the same price as a prefilled cartridge replacement of a disposable pod kit—considering that there will be another cost for the chosen e-liquid. It must be a salt nic based to prevent unwanted leakage, increasing the bill further. A disposable pod kit only requires a new prefilled cartridge containing a specifically designed coiling and wicking mechanism. All prefilled cartridges of a disposable pod are sealed and will not produce any unwanted leakage. Unwanted e-liquid leakage on a disposable pod kit is only possible when the cartridge is exploited to be refilled with e-juice. It is highly not recommended to refill a disposable pod kit cartridge as it will undoubtedly result in e-liquid leakage that will lead to severe damage to the device and purchasing a new one. Without exploits on refilling a disposable pod, the device proves it is cost-efficient and serves its benefits as a cheaper yet reliable vaping device.

The Cold Hard Truth

Pod systems are very tempting due to their ability to adjust the vaping power wattage. These pod systems also have better battery capacity than disposable pod kits. However, these perks come with a higher upfront price. A pod system costs around double the price of a disposable pod and only comes with the primary device and an empty cartridge. If lucky, spare OCC will be supplied on the first purchase. Not to mention that these OCC are model compatible, which means that a specific type or brand of OCC is usable on specific pod system models and brands. Compared to a disposable pod kit, the device comes with a prefilled e-liquid and can be used straight from the box. A disposable pod can give a hassle-free vaping experience while enjoying half the price for the device compared to a complicated pod system.



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